【Sanrio Crossover QUICKSAND SPARKLE POWDER PERFUME SET】 Hello Kitty Fuji (Freesia, Fig, Musk) & My Melody Sakura (Apple, Rose, Cherry Blossom)

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【Sanrio Crossover Perfume Set】

【Sanrio Crossover】Hello Kitty - Fuji (Freesia, Fig, Musk)

Freesia | Fig | Musk

踏進十月,迎來初雪。海拔3000公尺上的富士山亦冠上雪妝 ,令景色添上了一點浪漫,猶如麝香的醇香甜蜜。沿著河口湖畔漫步,發現小路旁樹上的無花果,散發出清澀的果香。和熙的暖陽亦照耀着代表幸福的小蒼蘭,幽香醇正,花姿優美。坐在小石上,將美景盡收眼底。

Fragrance Category : Fresh / Fruity / Musk
Fragrance Strength:●●●○○○

【Sanrio Crossover】My Melody  - Sakura (Apple, Rose, Cherry Blossom)

Apple | Rose | Cherry Blossom

步入淀川河川公園的櫻花隧道,發現無盡的櫻花美景。吉野櫻花瓣層層疊疊 , 繁盛燦爛,宛如進入浪漫仙境。靠在櫻花樹下,與他共享醇厚濃香的玫瑰烏龍茶與爽脆香甜的富士蘋果,靜靜賞識櫻花高尚質樸的美麗。

Fragrance Category:Floral / Fruity
Fragrance Strength:●●●○○○
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Eau de Parfum. The perfume can stay for 8-10 hours. Top note stays 30 minutes while Body note stays around 1 hour. Base note lingers the longest.


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Industrial Building:Kerry Logistics
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