【Perfume Mini Discovery Set】| Featured Perfume X 3【Floral | Sweet | Fresh】

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Perfume Mini Discovery Set | Floral】

10ml X 3 (Including 3 selected scents each below)

The three scents below are designed for the floral lover to put you in a flower-filled garden.

FLOWER PATH • Fragrance Category : Floral • 10ml
Top Note: Orange Flower
Body Note: Rose
Base Note: Orchid
MOUNTAIN TOP • Fragrance Category:Fresh • 10ml
Top Note: Dandelion
Body Note: Freesia
Base Note: Fig

HOKKAIDO • Fragrance Category:Floral • 10ml
Top Note: Freesia
Body Note: Jasmine
Base Note: Orchid

Perfume Mini Discovery Set | Sweet 】

10ml X 3 (Including 3 selected scents each below)


The following 3 scents are tailored made for Sweetness Lovers with hints of fruit and musk to create different layers of sweetness. Sweet and excited like a piece of cake or soda bubbles. Or refreshing like tea or coffee.

CANDY HOUSE • Fragrance Category:Fruity / Sweet • 10ml
Top Note: Cherry
Body Note: Strawberry
Base Note: Musk
Carnival • Fragrance Category : Fruity • 10ml
Top Note: Lemon
Body Note: Raspeberry
Base Note: Musk

Chocolate Café • Fragrance Category : Fruity  • 10ml
Top Note: Pineapple
Body Note: Black Tea
Base Note: Chocolate

Perfume Mini Discovery Set  | Fresh】

10ml X 3 (Including 3 selected scents each below)

Alaska• Fragrance Category :Fresh / Woody • 10ml
Top Note: Mint
Body Note: Ginger
Base Note: Patchouli
Honolulu • Fragrance Category : Fruity  • 10ml
Top Note: Lime
Body Note: Ocean
Base Note: Peach

Phuket  Fragrance Category : Floral / Fruity / Citrus • 10ml
Top Note: Lemongrass
Body Note: Apple
Base Note: Lavender

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