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【 Fragrance Story 】

Dandelion & Musk  |  蒲公英與麝香



香味 | 粉香 | 一種輕飄飄既粉香, 有種乘坐著蒲公英,踏上希望之旅的感覺
Scent Family | Musky | a light and gentle musky scent. it is like riding on a dandelion for a journey to make dream come true.

香味概念 | 聽說可以對著蒲公英許願,許下願望之後一口氣把所有小絨毛吹走,許願便成真。來打開蒲公英的神奇香味,為自己定下目標,享受整個追尋目標的過程。很多事情看起來都不容易,追尋夢想一樣,必須很努力盡力才有機會收成。

Scent Concept | The tale of dandelion is to make a wish to it, and then blow it away with a small fluff. Just like, in life or work, set a goal for yourself and then strive your best to achieve it. Things don’t seem easy, like pursuing a dream, need full power to accomplish.