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【 Fragrance Story 】

Rose & Green Tea  |  玫瑰與綠茶



香味 | 花香 | 帶點回甘的花香,玫瑰香甜配合綠茶清幽, 享受生活的當下
Scent Family | Floral | the quiet green tea lingers with a touch of sweet floral scent. take a rest and enjoy the moment.

香味概念 | 在鎖碎繁亂的日子中,一杯清新玫瑰花茶,可鬆一口氣鎮靜心神的作用這款香氣在空中浮蘯著回甘的綠茶香,讓思緒暫且放鬆,飄浮中伴隨了玫瑰花瓣,是心靈的療癒

Scent Concept | In the chaotic days, a cup of fresh rose tea can induce a resounding, calming mind, and let us set off in the right way again.