【Feature Poured Candle Set】150g Poured Candle X 2 (Lavender & Sandalwood , Dandelion & Musk)

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【Feature Poured Candle Set】150g Poured Candle X 2

【Hot sale fragrance

Dandelion & Musk

Dandelion | Hyacinth | Musk

Fragrance Category:Fresh / Musk 
Fragrance Strength:●●○○○○

【Relax your mood】

Lavender & Sandalwood

Lavender | Sandalwood | Musk

Fragrance Category:Floral / Woody
Fragrance Strength:●●●●●●
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When you first light your candle,allow the max surface to melt completely to gurantee an even burn and never burn your candle more than 3-4hours.
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Industrial Building:Kerry Logistics
After submit the order,To be Delivered within 1 -2 days 

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