【Classic Reeds Diffuser & Poured Candle Set】MOUNTAIN TOP 50ml Diffuser + 100g Poured Candle

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I often go to the mountain to find that path belongs only to you and me. You like hiking, and that day I slowly gets to the mountain top as the red dawn starts to set.
With dandelion floating in the air with the sweet aroma from figs on the ground, you stood in front of me like a refreshing freesia.
The freshness of mountain top becomes sweet, because of you.

Fragrance Category:Fresh / Fruity

Fragrance Strength:●●●○○○
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Come with 10 Reeds. Remove stopper and insert reeds.
120ml: Last for 3-5 months. Can cover up to 150 - 200 square feet
50ml: Last for 1-2 months. Can cover up to 50 square feet
150ml Refill: Refill into your current container

Cautions :
Keep out of reach of children and pets. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product.
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