【藤枝香薰套裝 Diffuser Set】200ml 藤枝香薰 X 2

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【Diffuser Set 】
functional home fragrance gift set taking care of every corners of your home.

200ml Diffuser 藤枝香薰 X 2

Fragrances 香味:
【熱賣香味】Dandelion & Musk 蒲公英和麝香 • Family : Musk 粉香
【花香馥郁】Rose & Green Tea 玫瑰和綠茶 • Family : Floral 花香

*if the options are not suitable, please press "Add To Cart". At the "Cart" page, please state your desired scents in the "note" box (example: Diffuser: Dandelion; Candle: Lavender). Sorry for any inconveniences caused. 如選項不適用, 請先按"Add To Cart", 然後於Cart頁面留言說明想要既香味 (例子: Diffuser: 蒲公英; Candle: 薰衣草), 不便之處, 敬請原諒。

** you can drop us a note when checkout or email us at if you want us to print your tailor-made message on the memo sticker :) 如果您希望我們在備忘錄貼紙上打印您量身定制的信息,您可以在結賬時給我們留言或發送電子郵件至 :)