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Pavilion White Tea Collection

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Our Story

Find your scent with chic and relax vibe.

Founded in Hong Kong, Fragrance House is a fragrance brand that blends stylish and playful scents to enrich your space and social life. By combining manifold ingredients together to create astonishing fragrances, there are over 30 aromas, such as woody, floral, sweet, etc., which are delicate and unique. Our most popular 'Pavilion White Tea' collection exudes a soft, elegant and long lasting smell with a unique citrus taste of bergamot and a refined white tea touch will definitely give you a fascinating experience.

Fragrance triggers memories, therefore we design our logo with a frame constructed by our hands, to capture the moments to remember. Polaroid style packaging with Pantone colors are modern and playful to enhance the visual pleasure and give each product a distinct character. May our fragrances be the tip to your mood everyday!

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