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Pavilion White Tea Collection

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White Musk Collection

Infuse the box with a delightful blend of your favorite scents as you mix and match!

Hand Lotion Sets | 4 in 1 Pack

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Dandelion | Hyacinth|Musk

The floral mix of cotton-like dandelion and colourful hyacinth exudes an intense, blissful sweet scent. Musk adds dimensions to the sweetness so that the fragrance is more versatile and captivating.

Fragrance Category:Fresh / Musk 
Fragrance Strength:●●○○○○

Blackberry | Grapefruit | Bay Leaf

The tempting bittersweetness bursts out when blackberry meets grapefruit; aromatic, herbal bay leaf from the Mediterranean adds intensity to the fragrance, unfolding a fruitful, passional sensorial journey.

Fragrance Category:Fruity / Citrus / Woody
Fragrance Strength:●●●○○○

Peach | Orchid | Musk

Delicate yet far-reaching, Orchid’s fragrance is more unique and profound than her look. With watery peach and powdery musk, the dreamy floral scent becomes more vibrant and long-lasting.

Fragrance Category:Floral / Fruity
Fragrance Strength:●●○○○○

Bergamot | Orange Blossom | White Tea

Crisp bergamot exhales its unique citrus aroma that is paired perfectly with vibrant orange blossom to brighten up the simplicity and exquisiteness in white tea. Graceful and refined.

Fragrance Category:Floral
Fragrance Strength:●●○○○○

Turn the lid and squeeze the tube. Apply a thin layer of lotion on the palm of your hand, then gently apply it to your skin and let it absorb thoroughly.

Avoid contact with eyes. Store at cool places. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. If any skin discomfort, please consult with your doctor.


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Residential:SF Express
Industrial Building:Kerry Logistics
After submit the order,To be Delivered within 1 -2 days

For more information on shipping/returns, please visit shipping methods.