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Pavilion White Tea Collection

Pillow Lavender Collection

White Michelia Collection

Freesia Valley Collection

White Musk Collection

Infuse the box with a delightful blend of your favorite scents as you mix and match!

香薰蠟燭 | 阿拉斯加

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重量: 200克
香調: 木質調
香調性別: 男士

薄荷 | 生薑 | 廣藿香

香味:清香調 / 木質調



使用說明: When you first light your candle,allow the max surface to melt completely to gurantee an even burn and never burn your candle more than 3-4hours.

燃點時間 :

200G - Approximately 40 hours

100G - Approximately 20 hours


住宅:SF Express

速運工廈:Kerry Logistics

After submit the order,To be delivered within 1 -2 days.